Toddler Child Care (2-3 Years)

Group of children in child care classroom playing with bean bags at Kids Academy Erina Heights

Early Years Child Care

Our centre provides a stimulating and fun environment to enhance your child’s learning in their early years. Learning in fact starts long before school, with the first five years of a child’s life being crucial to laying the foundations for their ability to learn throughout their later years. We have specifically designed our Early Experiences program to deliver real-life learning experiences for your child. As a toddler, children are opening up to new challenges as their communication skills expand and they learn to concentrate, experiment and play. Our educators support this magical phase through a program of play-based learning activities to help them explore their own interests and strengths.

Australia’s Early Years Learning Framework, Belonging, Being and Becoming, is at the heart of our approach to early years education. The framework’s emphasis is on play-based learning. This includes things like singing to help your child learn about language; drawing with crayons to help them express their feelings and encourage writing; playing with shapes and patterns to develop their problem-solving skills; and group
activities to build their social skills.


The children start their day off with morning yoga, preparing their minds and bodies for a day of learning and play. Our Yoga sessions enhances their flexibility, strength, coordination and self-awareness. While participating in the class they have the ability to concentrate of their sense of calmness and relaxation.

Ready Steady Go Kids 

We welcome Ready Steady Go Kids to our centre every Friday to lead a fun and exciting incursion about fitness and sports. The multi-sport program teaches children the fundamental skills of 10 different sports, develop their essential motor skills and builds their confidence in a fun and non-competitive environment. Our Ready Steady Go Kids incursion is included in your daily fee costs.

Health Screenings

Supporting our families and children’s health with regular health screening throughout the year, most of which are cover under Medicare.  Health check-ups can be daunting for children and families, an unfamiliar environment and person can be tough for children. We support families in ensuring children receive all their health check-ups by offering the following health screener in centre!
Dental Check-up - Educational in house event plus dental check up with a qualified dentist
Speech Screeners – For children from 2 years with a speech therapist.
Hearing Tests- For children aged from 2 years

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